Thursday 27 October 2011

'Improvised Guitar Pieces'

--> This album is a collection of guitar improvisations. The aim was to record a series of solo improvisations with an emphasis on exploring and experimenting with different guitar sounds. Although the pieces are improvised, the goal was to set up individual frameworks of some sort rather than just playing freely. I created obstacles or "rules" to lead the improvisations to places where they would not have naturally gone. Some of the tracks explore opposite notions such as, noise/silence; loudness/quietness, spacious/loaded. All the sounds are produced using an electric guitar apart from a tape reel loop in track 9 and an air extractor in track 3.
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I have recorded in locations that were acoustically diverse, being one of the ideas to capture the inherent richness of different places. The recording techniques and equipment I used were also varied in order to obtain variety in the pieces. There is no editing or meticulous post-production as I was not looking for high quality recordings, but the attention was focused on grasping, as fairly as possible, the spontaneity of the moment.

The album was recorded in London and mastered in the studio 'Hitmakers Mastering' by Aldo Gilardi Hitmakers Mastering and  'Studioclot' by Ruben Bass - Barcelona 2011

  Luciana Bass 'Improvised Guitar Pieces' by Luciana Bass